9 thoughts on “Mandale Infants School, Thornaby c1953

  1. Hi. My name is Sandra Dover and I was at Mandale infants from 1957. I then went to Mandale juniors then to Robert Atkinson. I am a retired teacher in Rotherham.


  2. The Mandale infants school was on Thorntree Road, the one with the clock, next door was the Mandale juniors. Behind the Mandale infants was later built was the hardwood.


  3. Mandale Infants was on the corner of Thorntree Road and Lanehouse Road, the entrance on Thorntree Road. Mandale Juniors was next door.


  4. Hi Lawrence or anyone else that can help, I went to St Patricks Infants much later in 1962, it was behind St Patricks RC Church in Westbury Street which still stands today. Later I attended the school at the other end of Westbury Street. Is this the same school as Mandale Infants School? If not whereabouts did it stand as I don’t recall any infants school very close to Mandale Road, except this one and there was another school on the opposite side at the bottom of Westbury Street or somewhere in the back streets very close to Westbury Street. Thank you. Steve Dempsey


    • Hi. Mandale infant school was located on Thorntree Rd. This photograph was taken for opening day. I had transferred there from The Village School A few years later Mandale junior school was completed beside it.


    • Mandale infants and junior school were on Thorntree Road over road from Westbury Street as was Harewood infants school.


    • The Mandale Infants school was in Thorntree Road opposite the Robert Atkinson school; still there but now rebuilt and called Mandale Mill. The other school you refer to would have been Westbury street school, demolished many years ago.


      • Oh it’s up the other end! Yes Westbury Street School! that’s the one thank you Margaret. Thank you everyone (Lawrence, Sandra, Colin, Margaret, M Plummer) for educating me and refreshing my memory, aah it seems like only yesterday, but really it’s a lifetime away, how sad things change so much. I much prefer the bottom end of Westbury Street as it stood than it now is with the A66 running underneath!!


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