Pupils from Richard Hind School

Dilys Heimer, Lynda Knott, Jacques (French teacher/student), Linda Rowell, Catherine Bell, Liz Hindmarsh, Cliff Blackburn, ?, Denny Rylatt, Kenny Broadbent. Possibly c1969.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

5 thoughts on “Pupils from Richard Hind School

  1. I was at Richard Hind up to September 1956, then aged eight, when I moved to Darlington; David, my brother left in July, then aged eleven. Now rather older!


  2. This was probably 1969 or 1970 before the girls moved up into the 6th form. Mrs Hall was the french teacher if memory serves me. I had dropped the subject as being totally useless at it. This year group has reunions when George Thompson comes over from Australia if old class mates are interested.


  3. I remember Kenny Broadbent. He might have played in the football team with me but I think he was a year younger, and I left in 1968. Don’t remember the teacher, there was a lady who taught French, but I dropped it in the second year.


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