Greta Road Birthday Party c1963

On the back wall is Peter Barton and Carol Garton. On the right of the picture is Sheila Fagan, Trevor Wynn, Ann Morgan, Paul Wynn ? Tony Morgan and Michael Maynall,
Linda Sturdy, Graham Wynn, Vera Muldowney, ? lived in the mucky duck where my mam worked as a cleaner, Susan Sturdy.
Note no pop!! Just cups of tea!!
The original is black and white but this recently tinted one seems quite accurate.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

4 thoughts on “Greta Road Birthday Party c1963

  1. My mistake, at the back is Tony Garton Carol’s brother. Tony’s mam was aunty Rene, she looked after my brother Rob when my mam was at work.
    The wallpaper was Japanese pattern with a geisha inn the panels. I remember it well.


  2. Anne and Tony Morgan are related to my nana, Auntie Rene was their mam, a lovely family, and Vera married a very good friend of ours.


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