‘Dear Diary’ Project

Stockton Borough Council have launched a ‘Dear Diary’ project to document your experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Whether it’s a digital birthday singalong, a visit to grandparents through their window (like in this pic from Colin Taylor), clapping for key workers, or paying tribute to the loss of a loved one, the project is about capturing all kinds of experiences for future generations to look back on.

You can submit your own pictures, videos and audio stories to the Heritage Stockton website by  visiting www.stockton.gov.uk/deardiary and clicking the ‘Contribute’ button at the top of the page.

We look forward to seeing your contributions. ❤️

1 thought on “‘Dear Diary’ Project

  1. For all the young ens reading this in the future, having no vehicle and also a wife who has sprained her foot and can’t walk for a month or two this is driving us batty. Our first real contact with other people was a socially distant 2 metres mini street party for the 75th VE Day celebrations. In all my years I have never seen this ever. Look after your freedoms.


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