Class 2G Grangefield Grammar School for Boys 1962/3

Names Front (l-r): ??, ??, ??, ??, Mr Walton, ??, ??, ’Haggis’ Anderson,??

Middle (l-r): ??, John Michael Brown, Vic Creed, ??, ??, ??, ??, Bill Dickson,??

Back (l-r): ??, John Dixon, ?? ,’Cess’ Challis, Michael Byrne.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bill Dickson.

12 thoughts on “Class 2G Grangefield Grammar School for Boys 1962/3

  1. I was in the year above so do not know many names buy remember Keith Nichols as he was in the Railway Society. Michael Byrne, was he the son of the Maths teacher?


    • Yes, he was the son of Mr Byrne who used to call him ‘Byrne’ in lessons. I think that there was a family link with Ireland.


  2. Additional names
    Back row 3rd from left Bob Cowan(s)
    Middle row 6th from left ? Cowley
    They were both associated with the Cycling Proficiency club whilst i also remember playing rugby with Bob for Stockton Rugby Club colts team.

    Alan Harle


    • Front row – Keith Fryer, John Anderson, Colin Murphy (Good winger), second from left – Frank Clarke. Back Row left – Ken Downie.


  3. I knew Michael (“Jammy”) Brown from a very young age. We had attended Egglescliffe C.E. Primary School and of course went on to Grangefield Grammar. (I was in the previous year.) He was a very clever lad indeed, so to be in a “G” form must have experienced problems somewhere. (He most certainly did NOT like French verbs!) I met Michael again several years later instance during his spell at Newcastle Uni. studying for a Degree in electrical engineering? I also very clearly recall being REALLY in love with his lovely sister from 1970-71. Then aged 20, I once cried my eyes out all the way back to home on trains from Coventry to Darlington after she finished it… Luckily, I returned to my senses ONLY WEEKS before sitting my own “finals” at Teesside Poly! Some years ago I contacted Michael via his mum to re-establish contact, but claimed he had never known me… Mr Walton (“Wally”) – once our form-master was such a young teacher – yet also a great bloke. It was weird to meet him later in a pub now young adults, Wally now addressing Grangefield cycle-racing champion Eric Short and myself by our Christian names which he recalled without hesitation.


  4. (Sorry, my mistake – it was 1964 when I joined the second form. However, I was taught geography by Mr Walton!)


  5. This was the same year as me, but I was in 2LB. I recognise some of the faces and would have joined a few when I went into 4R. However, it’s a long time ago!


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