6 thoughts on “Scotland Pond, Wolviston Village

  1. My grandmother was born in Wolviston around the corner from that pond, but I never knew it had a name, but moved to Hutton Henry and then Monk Heselden I don’t know in which order. The name might come from Scottish invasions, for example you have Scots Gap in Northumberland and Scotch Corner in Yorkshire. Perhaps there are some bodies of dead Scots invaders at the bottom of the pond?


  2. I think it is a derivative of Scotsons Pond. The Scotsons are a well known extensive family of farmers belonging to Wolviston.


  3. I have lived in Billingham all of my life and used to walk up to Wolviston many time as a youngster. I didn’t realise it was called Scotland Pond! I have always known it as Wolviston Duck Pond.


  4. I wonder if it could have been where drovers watered cattle on the way to markets further south.
    A quick search of the net reveals only one other Scotland Pond in the country, in the village of Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire, but the only information on its website relates to encouraging folk to kill the fish that live in it.
    The origin of place names is fascinating so it would be interesting if anyone can shed more light on this one.


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