Newham Grange School Sports Badges

These are the School representative badges for the Newham Grange School won by Marie Brown (Kennedy) in 1949/50. Marie was also an accomplished Athlete representing Stockton Lady Harriers in the !00 yards and Relay races at the Local Athletic Meets such as The Richmond Meet Many. World class athletes competed at the Richmond meet, such as E McDonald Bailey, Fanny Blankers Kohen (5 Olympic Gold Medals), Bob Richards the American Olympic Pole Vaulter, Arthur Wint the World class Jamaican 400 yard runner and many others. These Athletics Meetings allowed the local athletes to compete against the Worlds Best, and gave local people in the North East a chance to see the Worlds best which was usually restricted to the London areas such as Wembley Stadium and The White City Stadium. The Meetings had wonderful atmospheres with Cycling also featured. I suppose that Gateshead is the only place North East people can now see these top athletes in action.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

7 thoughts on “Newham Grange School Sports Badges

  1. I raced in the cycling grass track events around the cricket ground at The Richmond Meet in the mid 1960s. There was also a hilly Reeth cycling 10 mile time trial associated with the Richmond Meet run by the Teesside Clarion Cycling Club.. I won 1st handicap in this event in 1966 but have since lost the medal I was presented with.


  2. I used to go to the Richmond Meet my brother in law Ken Morris was a sprinter for Stockton Harriers, I only remember the top athletes from the North East were there, also cyclists. When I ran in the Schoolboy Invitational Mile at Feethams Darlington in 1957 all these top athletes you mention Ben were there.


  3. I love this one and the story that goes with it. I went to Newham Grange School from 1953 to 1957 and got my school colours for football and athletics. I would love to have a tie and blazer badge. Please may I assume this blazer badge is highly treasured therefore not for sale? However, I would be interested in buying the blazer badge if the current owner would like to offer it for sale.
    It was lovely to see the old portcullis again.


    • Sorry Roy my two girls Alison and Debbie will have the badge when I go, they followed in their mothers footsteps for sporting skills, both being School Sports Captains at their High School. I do not remember the School giving out a badges for Football, Cricket, or Athletics for Boys. Maybe someone else can give some information on Badges at a later date than 1950 when Marie left the School.


    • I thought the school colours were a joke, I played football for the school every year & never got them for football having played on the Victoria Ground in the Salter Cup in the first year & the Salmon Cup in the fourth year, I got them for athletics. I have a plaque for winning in the town sports.


      • You are not the only one Len who did not get any Sports colours for what reason I do not know I played in the Newham Grange Football, Cricket, and Athletic Teams for the four years i was at the school and never received a Newham Grange Sports Badge of any description.. I did receive them For the Stockton Boys Football and Cricket teams, of which I was lucky enough to be Captain off.. I believe I was only Captain because there were no Grammar School boys allowed to play for Stockton Boys at that time. as I am afraid the old class snobbishness was only too apparent. You could not imagine a Person from a Secondary Modern School being Captain over a Grammar school boy.


  4. I rode in cycling events at Richmond & local night events. Ben is right, there was a great atmosphere. The last event was usually a cycling 3 mile point to point, each lap awarding points for 1, 2 & 3 across the line the one with the most points won, providing he crossed the line at the end. All other events (cycling) were standing start


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