King George V Coronation 1911

This “Coronation” picture has me puzzled, does anybody have any idea about what could be happening, there are an awful lot of people, all men, standing around a bus, there are far too many to all get aboard.

Also there are no signs of street decoration that normally accompany such events, the only thing I am sure of is the pickup point was in the high street outside the alleyway leading to the Blue Post Hotel. Judging by the way the men are dressed I would say that 1911 is a very likely date for the picture.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

3 thoughts on “King George V Coronation 1911

  1. This is only a wild guess, but maybe this bus was built by a local works for the Coronation, and the men are workmen from that works.


  2. Don’t know about the event but I’ve seen that 116 High St. was Lloyds Bank ~1912-13, & 117 was Smart & Co. Tailors ~1908-1927. So depending on the accuracy of those dates, they almost fit with the 1911 date.


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