‘On the Buses’ Stockton Corporation

On the Buses Stockton, Harry Kidd Inspector (Blakey) and Emily Brown (Groves) Driver at their Tenth Wedding Anniversary the one they classed as their Silver Wedding due to their age when they married, but eventually made their Silver Wedding Anniversary in later years.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

2 thoughts on “‘On the Buses’ Stockton Corporation

  1. Des, Emily died in 2017 and Harry in 2018 , They had a lovely partnership and made many overseas trips together including three extended trips (10 weeks) to Australia. Turkey was another of their favourite places to visit. They were very active members oft he Roseworth and Ragworth Working Men,s Clubs and spent many many hours with friends there..Emily was oldest playing member of the local ladies darts league.The Stockton Bus Department seemed a nice place to work with good friendly people..


  2. Congratulations Harry and Emily. I enjoyed reading your post.
    I took the O bus from Norton to school at Trinity in Stockton. After we moved to South Bank, I took the O bus from North Ormesby to get to Trinity (1947-51). Later, I worked 3 summers on the Middlesbrough buses and 1 on United, as a conductor, while I was home from university. Stockton buses were better. I still use the bus from from Norton when I visit the UK.
    Lots of old memories.


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