St Bedes school class of 68/69

Are you on this list?

1 David butler
2 Anthony Ridge
3 John Sawdon
4 Craig Palfreeman
5 Me
6 Michael Pearce
7 Terry Fahey
8 Kenny Etherington (deceased)
9 Mike Harrington(deceased)
10 Les Wilson
11 Mick Brewster
12 Paul Metcalfe
13 Phil Lipton
14 John Boyle
15 Ian Macintosh
16 Peter Burns
17 Terry O’Conner
18 Phil Davison
19 Mick Thompson
20 Ged Burns
21 Ken Williams
22 Mark Redhead
23 Stephen Woods
24 Stephen Connolley
25 Mick Twomey
26 Paul Cohen
27 Mrs. Short
28 Patrick Keane
29 Martin Smith (Smyth)
30 Joseph Gaffeney
31 Paul Saint

Photo and details courtesy of Dave Wiley.

15 thoughts on “St Bedes school class of 68/69

  1. Thanks David

    Sorry to hear about Michael, too young. Peter and Ged Burns …….. next time you see them ask them to sing ‘I wish I was a Spaceman Fireball XL5’ I’m sure they will remember.
    David Butler – I’m amazed you recognised each other.


  2. I love this photo, thanks so much for posting! I remember some of these faces as if it were yesterday but not from St Bedes but from St Joseph’s in Norton – I’m sure we were all in the same class, David Butler, Michael Harrington lived near me on Norton Avenue , The twins Peter and Ged Burns – one of them sat behind me and was always dipping my pony tale in the ink well! and finally Phillip Davison who i’m sure was the tallest boy in the class. I also remember Norman Wright and Stephen Kelly from St Joseph’s too. Some of the girls from my class were Angela Booth , her mum was a teacher Mrs Booth, Lesley Pickering, Margaret Mac, Marie Simpson and my cousin Pamela Rushworth. I think Mr Kelly was our teacher. Happy happy days, what a great year, think it was summer 66 before we all went our separate ways, I ended up at St Joseph’s Convent in Hartlepool for the next 6 years……nightmare, I wanted to go to St Marys.


    • Your welcome
      Met up with David butler a few weeks ago first time I had seen him since School
      See ged and peter burns sometimes
      Michael Harrington sadly passed away a few years ago now but I see his widow now and again


  3. Remember Fatty Harrington, Tootsy Butler, the Burns twins, Stevie Woods, Mick Brewster, Pat Keane from time in Norton and at St Joseph’s….and not forgetting Paul Metcalfe, my cousin and best man. Lots of memories evoked by this….thanks for sharing.


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