Bridge Road 100 Years Apart

My caption is not strictly accurate, the older photo came with a date of c.1865 and the later photo I judge to be around about the early 1960s. It is quite close to 100 years.

There were many changes over the years and these changes continue, the recent demolition of the buildings along this stretch of Bridge Road prove the point.

Photos and detail courtesy of Bruce Coleman

13 thoughts on “Bridge Road 100 Years Apart

  1. Jmayuk. Thanks for the splendid image of my old office. I struggle to locate many of the buildings that I was familiar with in the 70’s.
    I don’t get up north much, I live in Newport Shropshire.
    Yes the pub was next door, and yes I used it often. There were so many hostelries on Bridge road, and in Thornaby.
    I still get lost in Stockton.
    I walk from Thornaby Station to Billingham, where I still have family.
    I was so pleased to discover part of the gatehouse at the top of Billingham Bank.
    Thanks again, and have a grand New Year.


  2. I worked in Stockton UBO (Benefit office) on Bridge Rd. In the early 70’s. There seems to be no images available of this important building. The footprint is now occupied by a takeaway franchise. Perhaps Stocktonians don’t wish to recall those times.


  3. Fantastic pictures, brings back a lot of memories. On the older picture the Doctors surgery is on the corner of Wharf street and, on the other picture which is on the corner of Tower street, the building in the middle is Robson’s who sold motorcycles. It had a small sweet shop next to it and next to that was the brewery yard.


    • The earliest the bottom photograph could have been taken would be 1959 when the Anglia 105E came onto the market. Back then there was no way of telling the year of manufacture by the number plate. You would be able to tell where it was first registered, that is all.


      • Wrong . The number plate of the Ford Anglia would tell you the place of registration and the date of first registration, month and year. The Anglia was first introduced to the world at the Earls Court Motor Show in October 1959. At the same Motor Show BMC unveiled the Austin Mini and the Morris Mini Minor. Also Standard-Triumph gave the world the Triumph Herald. If you email me with the details of the number plate on the Anglia I will tell you where and when the car was first registered. I agree for my email address to be forwarded.


        • I have tried to enlarge the Anglia’s number plate, unfortunately it just pixelates out. In my earlier reply I was referring to 1959 when the Anglia 105E was introduced, however I agree with Patricia that if it was registered between 1963 and 1965 there is a possibility that an earliest possible date can be obtained and definitely after 1965 when suffix letters were compulsory. My understanding is that pre-suffix plates only indicated a place of first registration and not a year.


          • I believe the numbers were issued in order, though, so if you happened to know when xxx100 was registered you’d know that xxx101 would have been issued very shortly afterwards.
            Anecdote alert: When teaching in a comprehensive school in the 80s-90s I was astonished that none of my pupils were aware that registration letters had any significance and to one class mentioned that when I was young a childish ‘joke’ was to say, “I saw UP behind a car.” One 13-year-old looked very puzzled and announced that it wasn’t funny. Half an hour later when we were doing something totally different she suddenly called out, “Now I get it.”


  4. The twin columns with the globes on top is where Trimdon Motors coach & bus garage was. My father worked there as one of the Drivers he drove Triumph coach No 50 and it had a very distinct rasping exhaust sound I think the vehicles were Red & Cream in colour. On occasions if he did not have all the seats taken up he would pick my mum and I up and we would have a day out in Scarborough or Whitby or Whitley Bay or Bridlington. Coming forward some years I frequented the RAFA Club in bridge Road of which I was a member.


  5. The top picture shows the old Private Doctors Surgery at 25 Bridge Road, nearest building on the right where you can clearly see the windows of the cellar room. This historic building where a former Stockton Mayor Dr. J.P. Talbot had his Practice was recently demolished to make way for a supermarket.


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