4 thoughts on “William Leng & Sons

  1. William Leng & sons was founded by William Leng (1813-1885) who was born at Wilton, Yorkshire but in 1841 was living and working as a currier at Stockton. By 1858 he had his own business as a currier & leather seller on Cleveland Row, Stockton-On-Tees. The business was only small employing 1 man & 1 boy. By 1879 his son Stephen B Leng (1854-?) had taken over was and the business had grown enabling them to employ 4 men & 3 boys. The firm now went under the name of S.B. Leng & Co. Stephens brother William Leng (1859-1942) was recorded on the 1891 census as a leather merchant. There was also another brother Thomas (1866-1940) who was a leather merchant. I don’t know when the firm became William Leng & sons but at some point prior to 1911 the business moved to Bishopton Lane.
    Most of the family are buried in adjoining plots in Oxbridge Cemetery.


    • Stephen B Leng was Stephenson Boyes Leng (born 1853). His life after 1881 is a bit of a mystery when trying to trace him via the census. He may have married at Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1889 and died at Stokesley in 1930.
      The company retained the name S.B. Leng and Co. up to 1904 by which time they were trading on Bishopton Lane, Stockton-On-Tees. I believe they continued in business from this address into the 1980’s.
      The name William Leng & Sons may come from Stephenson Boyes Leng’s brother William (1859-1942). Two of his sons, William Norman Leng (born 1898) & Ernest Leng (born1901) were also Leather merchants in 1942.


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