8 thoughts on “Roseworth: A Winter Wonderland follow up

  1. Mary Thompson lived next door to us in Ruislip Close which is the first turning on the left from Ragpath lane. It is a cul de sac.and I remember the Lewis’s lived at the top, my brother Robert Gunn (sadly died) married Christine Lewis. Younger people should remember Albert Shutt, my other youger brother who lives in Norton, we were a mixture of Gunn’s and Shutt’s! – not unusual now. I also have happy memories of Roseworth, we lived in Rake Ave. before moving to Ruislip Close, Mam wanted a dining room. I can remember rollicking around Kiora Hall and enjoying it. My brother Albert will remember the Bateman’s more than me. Most of the houses our end had bay windows!
    Thanks for the memories.


  2. Was Ruislip Close near from Runfold Close? I recall visiting my auntie, uncle and cousins who then lived in Runfold Close, from the 1950s to late 1971. With very few cars using the dead-end road outside and lying on a slight downgrade, in the 1950s I used to ride a “kid’s trike” with an indifferent brake and also my cousin Michael’s pedal-car (a dark-green American jeep that by then I could JUST fit-into) and get up a rate-of-knots with both. (Heck, I NEVER had a pedal-car!) The excitement lay in JUST avoiding collision with the concrete kerb or potentially overturning at the bottom, below the Norton bus-stop on the main road I think. There was also an old bus that used to visit in the afternoon, selling vegetables, etc., cheap sweets and trashy items such as “Lucky Bags”. Orhh – wonderful! (Unlikely I’d have any pictures to send though.)


      • Ah yes – where the “Roseworth” corporation bus turned right, then left just after to drive through Roseworth? Were these buses nos. 3 and 7??? I think they changed numbers from 3 to 7 and 7 to 3 once they they’d reached the “terminus” (two bus-stops in reality?) A kid in my class at Grangefield – David Seddon – used to alight about half-way along. His house was right on a left-hand corner. A long, LONG time ago now…


      • David Seddon (maternal 1st cousin of my wife), now a retired head teacher in Leicestershire. My wife’s family in Roseworth consisted of Seddon, Barron and Cockin connections.


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