Roseworth – A Winter Wonderland

Thanks to Richie Bateman for allowing use of this photo.

Richie is not sure about any of the people in this photo apart from himself, he is on the far left. Between Richie and his sister they believe that the girl second from left is Mary Thompson and the fourth to be their brother John.

They think it would have been taken in the late 1950s but can’t imagine who by as they didn’t know of anybody who owned a camera.

Their only certainty is that it was taken in Ruislip Close in Roseworth.

This is how I remember my childhood, sometime in the late 1950s the kids in our close built what started out to be an Igloo and finished up looking like a Tepee, we rolled large snowballs into a circle and added more on top until we had an Igloo shape, we then threw piles of snow on top to give it height, two things I remember about that edifice were Herbie Ollett trying to run over the top and falling and breaking his leg, and the fact that the heap of snow was still evident long after the thaw.

If anybody recognises any of the people in the photo, please let me know and I will send the information to Richie.

Photo and details courtesy of Richie Bateman / Bruce Coleman

11 thoughts on “Roseworth – A Winter Wonderland

  1. I grew up on Roseworth on Rosslare Rd before moving to the new houses in Norton at Kew Gardens. I remember amazing winters as a kid, barefoot in yr wellies playing on the common with the neighbours. I don’t recall those bay windows in the photo on the council house builds at my end of Roseworth?


  2. we lived in 8 roxby close and our tribe 7 of us built a fort out of the snow it was still there 2 months after remember raids from other kids probably from royston close


    • John, I remember you and where you lived at the end of the block of houses facing out onto Durham Rd. I lived opposite end of the block in Ruswarp Av for years after your family moved on.


  3. I moved onto Roseworth some 70 years ago aged 7 and I found it to be an adventure playground full of half built houses, miles and miles of scaffolding to run on and swing off. Paradise! There was one copper who was always trying to catch me and because I knew the place oiinside out, he never did. He had a round, red face and we called him “babyface” . He must have hated me. Happy days indeed.


    • My husband, Alan Smith, remembers the Fearns. He lived in 37 Romsey Rd from about 1949 till 1970 when we got married. Lived in Fairfield for 42 years & now in Norton. He remembers playing down the beck & enjoying his childhood


  4. That was in the days when we had proper winters with the snow lasting for weeks. People came out and cleaned the path in front of their house.


  5. So typical of my memories of growing up on Roseworth at that time. Probably every road or “common” was the same with all kids joining in. Then it was man the barricade and major snowball fights 😂


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