2 thoughts on “Stockton Parish Church c1974

  1. I seem to remember on a visit to the Church on one of my holiday visits to Stockton some years ago that the person conducting the tour of the Church mentioned that some of the Pews in the Church where made from the wood salvaged Captain Cooks Ship Endeavor in which he sailed to Australia and that one of buildings in premises near to Stockton Town Hall was a building that had wood wall panels also from the Endeavor. If the building is still standing it is opposite the Town Hall on the same side as Dovecote Street and has a distinctive freeze on the outside of he building about floor 2 level which I think may be a Sailing Ship. Maybe Mr Thornton can comment.. We do not make much Historical reference to Cooks association to Stockton even the fact that his wife was a Thornaby Girl who outlived him by many years into her 90s… I would imagine Cook would have been a regular visitor to the Area. We should make a bigger effort to make these facts known…

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