Davy United. Appeal for information!

From Sue Parker at the Cleveland Institution of Engineers:

Do you have any information on Davy United who used to have offices in Bowesfield Lane in Stockton?  There is going to be an exhibition of paintings by Kenneth Steel in Sheffield (where he was born and lived), and the organisers are trying to find original paintings that he did for Davy’s.  This one was done for Davy United in Stockton in 1954.

Does anyone recognise what it is a painting of, and if it was an actual plant? If it was an actual plant, does anyone know where it was?

Kenneth Steel is alleged to have done quite a few paintings for Davy’s at Stockton.  Six are known to have hung in the Boardroom at Bowesfield Lane, and I know where three of them are, and these are scenic views of Teesdale.  The other three may also be scenic views of Teesdale.  The organisers of the exhibition are keen to find any paintings of steelmaking plant.

Someone somewhere will know someone who knows about these things, it’s just a case of finding them!

20 thoughts on “Davy United. Appeal for information!

  1. Somewhere on this site are some photographs that I added some years ago. They show the Ashmores works when built, the opening ceremony and if my memory does not fail (not uncommon) a few large fabrications supervised by Ray Jennings (father in law). Also the outside of Bowesfield offices just before demolition. Please let me know if now copies are needed.


  2. I have a large book called “Built By Davy-United” produced by Davy-United, The Davy-Ashmore Group in what looks like the 1950’s. In it are some ‘pull-out’ artworks by various artist including Kenneth Steel with another painting of his featured on the dust jacket. The two Kenneth Steel pictures are different to the one you feature in this article. The book is amazing, a showcase of everything they produced. Fantastic heavy engineering.

    Eryl Wyn Williams


  3. Lots of innacurate data above (with best respect). Can I suggest that a good way to access such Company historical data in by using Graces Guide via the web. In this case access using Davy United tells most of the tale.


  4. Davey United also had a another branch, or it may have been the main works, on the Attercliffe Rd in Sheffield. This, I suspect, may have been where the rolling mills were assembled before being shipped around the world. It was called the Davey & United Darnall works if my memory serves correctly. The Haverton sites, there were two consisting of the foundry where the rolls and gearboxes were cast and then the Fettling yard where they were cleaned of sand and any blowholes welded up before they were shipped of to be machined. My Dad was Superintendent at the dressing yard for many years before he retired. I visited the yard on several occasions and the noise was painful to hear. It smacked you in the gut when you opened the door.


    • Any relation to Bill Wade, who used to work at Head Wrightson Teesdale – mid 60s to late 60s, before leaving for Power Gas, another part of Davy Ashmores? I worked with Bill at HW, when I was a Commercial Trainee.
      Stuart Leed


      • Not guilty as charged Stuart. I did various spells with Davy Ashmore / McKee in Bowesfield Lane and overseas up to 2000


  5. Davy has undergone several name changes over the years. The current design contracting business is operated by Primetals Ltd of Stockton who may be able to help.


  6. Google Davy United Stockton Works to see many pictures.
    We knew it as Davy Ashmore’s part of a Consortium formed in the 1950’s. The original Davy United were Rolling Mills
    I think there should be people out there who worked for them and can give further information.


    • I worked at Davy United Roll Foundry at Haverton Hill in the 60s. It was a job I enjoyed but only there about a year until I got another job with better wages and conditions.


  7. I think that’s the steel plate rolling mill that was built by Davy’s Company it still exists at the plant on the Trunk Road to Redcar.


  8. I worked at Asmore Benson Pease & Co in Bowesfield Lane in the office in the 50’s. I believe the company was eventually taken over by Davy United.


  9. Looks like the big factory building that stood behind the even numbers of Sadberge road (the site is now a new build estate) on the Sunderland glebe estate , in the mid 80s it was empty and last known locally as ‘Metalisation’ it wasn’t far from Davy Mckees offices.


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