Head Wrightson: A Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of what was the site of Head Wrightson, in the company of Albert Roxborough. Using photographs and other material from the Heritage Lottery funded Head Wrightson Photo Archive Project, we can see what life was like at the company which was one of the industrial giants of Teesside engineering.

Thursday 6 May, 2021 at 2pm: Free online event which will be shown in Stockton Libraries Virtual Local and Family Facebook Group. No need to book, all welcome. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/246080663250652 to watch the video and ask Albert any questions.

6 thoughts on “Head Wrightson: A Virtual Tour

  1. Bit of a shame this virtual tour is of years gone by well before the internet and even 1st and 2nd class postage stamps and yet the presentation fails to take account that not everyone is on ‘FaceBook’ ….


      • Thanks Laura – That would be good as my Dad worked for Head’s as a fitter & Turner he was also a St John’s First Aider, George Outhwaite who worked with him for a while did acknowledge some years ago in a post.


        • If your dad is Walter Laing he was a Turner in the Light Machine Shop & always helped the apprentices when they had any problems on the lathes.


          • Yes that was ‘He’ as I recall he would rarely unless of a ‘Royal Command’, work any overtime, I believe once there was a big job on and he went in and sat near his lathe as there was nobody else around, only for the rest of the workforce to simultaneously make a racket as he’d broken with his tradition !!.


  2. I was at the training school in 1968 . The food at the canteen was the best. Especially the pies, cornish pasties and gravy šŸ™‚


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