3 thoughts on “Dodds and Brown, Stockton High Street c1986

    • It certainly was and I know that because I lived in Bute street and James Dodds and Brown looked after the rental of all the 18 houses in the street as there was a single owner. There were occasions when I had to go to their office to pay the rent or request some maintenance on our house in the 40’s to the 60’s. The street was very well presented and maintained in those days and a great place to be brought up – looking back.


      • Alan Brown who I think must have been the son of the owners was a very good cricketer playing for the Stockton Cricket Club in the 1950 to 60 s era. Alan was the opening Bowler with myself for a number of games in this period. Unusual to have two Browns opening the bowling. Stockton CC had some players in this period that became well known in future years, I remember playing alongside Lord Castlereagh in the Stockton Junior team. His father Lord Londonderry used to bring him to matches, he later became Lord Londonderry on the death of his father. Also Sir Learie Constantine the West Indian great, the first of the players from the West Indies to be classed as a World Champion, who was a friend of Arthur Austin the Stockton Captain and played for Stockton CC in their Cricket week Fixtures…

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