The Vestfold, 1931

The Vestfold was built at Furness Shipbuilding Co Ltd in Haverton Hill. The keel was laid on 23 July 1930 and the ship was launched on 16 April 1931.

In 1943 when on route from New York for The Clyde carrying a cargo of 17,386 tons of fuel oil and 3 landing craft as deck cargo she was torpedoed by U-268 and sunk. 19 members of the ship’s complement lost their lives. There were 56 survivors.

2 thoughts on “The Vestfold, 1931

  1. Full details of this sinking can be found on Vestfold was abandoned with engines still running. She drove in circles and almost collided with the British rescue ship Rathlin which was picking up survivors ! Incidentally the Norwegians had the third highest shipping losses with 314 vessels lost.


  2. Brave Men. Heroes everyone of them. Rip. They bombed our chip shop. Never had anything to eat for 3 weeks. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷


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