ASDA / Portrack Lane

Does anyone have pictures of the front of the building facing Portrack Lane circa and the rear warehouse truck entrance circa 1975/77?

I worked there until late 1977. Just trying to jog my memory as to were I would have parked my moped / motorcycles before leaving for pastures new.

Black was the shop. Red the warehouse. Orange the Petrol Station. Blue the public entrance. Green would be the staff entrance to ‘clock’ on. I either parked at the front staff entrance or around the back in the warehouse delivery area.

The first picture is from 2000 before the rebuild and the second is how it looks today.

Photograph and details courtesy of Glenn Atterton.

1 thought on “ASDA / Portrack Lane

  1. i also worked there in about 1973/74 I was on the Car Accessories Counter. I left to go and work for Butlins in Clacton on sea and i’m still here. Happy Days


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