Kulaz Barbers

This is a photograph of Kulaz barbers at 6 Silver Street.  I would love to know the history of this building with its unusual design and the fact that it has two emblems situated on both sides where the barber signs are.  One is engraved 1835 and the other 1905.  Can anyone help?

Photograph and details courtesy of Gill Burns.

13 thoughts on “Kulaz Barbers

  1. It was Gillens sweet shop in the 80s/90s. Pretty sure Maddox’s was next door (unless this was part of Maddox’s at some point?). My mother worked at the sweet shop.

    Also remember Lockwoods shoe shop further up on the opposite side.


  2. I’m sure it was Willis hairdressers in the late 60’s early 70’s before Paul Henry. Les Willis then moved up to Harper parade in Hartburn after that.


  3. In its past, No. 6 Silver Street was connected through to a building that was behind it on Bishop Street, opposite the end of Knowles Street. The building on Bishop St. was Maddox’s warehouse, so I guess No.6 Silver St. was part of Maddox’s. I guess they moved next door to No. 7 Silver St. at some point.
    I wonder if this had ever been an open archway, that was later filled in with a shopfront?


    • Yes, it does look as though it may have been an open archway that may have been later filled in with a shop front. I have found an old map of Stockton online and it looks as there was a cut through to Bishop Street.


  4. I think Maddox’s was next door if I recall. I think when I was younger before it was Paul Henry’s barbers it was a sweet shop.


  5. This used to be Maddox shop. Sold everything for pets, any animals. My neighbour worked there for years. The staff could help you with anything, any advice


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