The Bus to The Kirk

Does anyone remember meeting up in the Jockers Pub (The Theater on Yarm Lane), sometimes in the Boys Room at the back of the pub then catching the United Bus up to The Kirklevington Country Club (The Kirk)?. Do you remember bands like The Alan Bown Set, The Spencer Davis Group, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart etc, etc – this was in the sixties. I painted this image reminiscing about those days.

Painting and details courtesy of Graham Wright.

18 thoughts on “The Bus to The Kirk

  1. Great painting. My brother, Phil Jackson, used to go the Kirk in the late 60’s. Did you know him Graham? He went to Richard Hind and then on to Grangefield in lower 6th.


  2. This is amazing Graham, is it possible to get a print of it? I know my dad would love it for his birthday.

    Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing from you,

    Sophie Jones-Whittaker


  3. We used to up to the Kirk in the early seventies and pre car ownership got the no 8 bus to Stokesley to the Kirk, although I am aware of the bands that played there in sixties I was too young at the time, that’s a great painting, are you the same Graham Wright that was a roadie for Sabbath?


  4. I remember the “Kirk” so well, and a lot of good times. I saw Spenser Davis and others there and the resident band was pretty good too.


  5. It was the highlight of my week. Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday. Used to walk home from Stockton to Thornaby Green with my sister and friends.
    Saw all top groups. Great place.


  6. Nice painting, brings back memories. I used to bus up to the Kirk from Billingham changing buses in Stockton usually with Dave Whitney or Paul Adams. We would walk back to Billingham afterwards, Dave, Me, Budgie Burgess and others.


    • Used to bus to The Kirk from Stockton High St, then rely on lift back, or hitch, it seemed safer then. Remember the resident band The Crawdaddies.


  7. We used to go with a football player, Dennis Thwaites who had a car and didn’t drink. Spencer Davis Group was my favourite followed by Long John Baldie. Those were the days


  8. Eugene, who I think was responsible for those days, now runs the Craythorne Arms, sort of gastro pub. I’m just a little too young to have enjoyed them…I do recall going to Martha’s Vinyard on one occasion however.


  9. What a great memory! 👍 I went there a lot in the mid 60’s (Sunday nights) but not on the bus, me and Terry Jamieson went in his dad’s work van then Terry got a car and we went in that. With many friends, Ken Lee, Clive Skilbeck, Jackie Webster, Ann Savereux more names I have forgotten! 🤣 Saw many great groups there, one of my favourites was Zoot Money and his Big Roll Band . . . . Oh happy days. 😄


  10. Excellent painting. It was a lot easier to chat up girls once I had a car and didn’t need to catch that last bus back to town. If I remember correctly it left at five minutes to one? (Graham, we were in the same class at Holy Trinity)

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  11. I saw an old bus stop sign in a village near Rothbury, Northumberland with United on it. It was made out of cast metal so pre National era. There’s some at Ruswap near Whitby too but they’re reproductions.


  12. I certainly do Gina and myself used to go every week but we’d sometimes make our own way up there, Reggie and Jed and all the regulars good times eh? Sugar Riley (Eleanor Cartwright)


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