The Queens Hotel rebuilt in miniature

These photographs show my model of the Queens Hotel which is based on a model of the Stockton Station precinct. The original Hotel burnt down in 1981 and was never rebuilt and the land remains vacant and I believe still in dispute as to ownership…

Photographs and details courtesy of Alan Davis.

13 thoughts on “The Queens Hotel rebuilt in miniature

  1. At the time of the fire in 1981 I worked in the building which is now the Registrar’s Office in Balaclava Street. We were eventually told to evacuate our building on the morning of the fire when it was thought the walls might collapse onto our building. One of our staff was due to have his wedding reception there shortly afterwards. During the period 1966-76 it was the custom of Stockton Rugby Club teams to meet in the Queens prior to away games on a Saturday. I have had many a free pre match sherry from wedding receptions to fortify my on field performance!


  2. Never went in … too young waited outside for the stars though, all 4 of the folk group the Spinners when they were performing in Stockton. I think Eric and Ernie stayed there during their appearance but never got their autographs.


  3. Great model.
    There was another ‘Queen’s Hotel’ in Clarence Rd,Haverton Hill. Now demolished.
    There is a photo.
    Does anyone recall it?


  4. This is fantastic, what an amazing model! I worked at the Queens Hotel in early seventies as Managers Secretary organising weddings, functions, staff wages etc.. It was a beautiful hotel and was a high class venue. We had fantastic dinner dances every Saturday evening with a fabulous 3 course meal. We had a brilliant chef (George) and the Queens was the place to go to. We often had very famous people staying there who were appearing at Fiesta or local theatres. I met my husband Joe there as he was a Refrigeration Engineer and we had our wedding reception there in 1969 which was quite a do! I would love to hear from anybody who remembers those wonderful days there where we had such fun.


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