3 thoughts on “Hartburn Village, Spring 1988

  1. Looking from the Masham forecourt the view today is pretty much the same. I’d lived in the house with the round dormer roof windows up to late 1984 before moving our family down to Gloucestershire. We’d been privileged to own one of the oldest houses in the village and had repaid by carrying out sympathetic renovations including the roof and lead work on the dormers which were completed by one of my fathers cousins. According to the county conservation architect they were probably of Dutch influence. Likely given the trading links between Stockton and the North Sea ports of the Low Countries. It still stands out from many houses in the village having stood the test of time.


  2. Hartburn village still brings back happy memories of my childhood. We used to walk there to get to the six fields which is now industry bread factory garden centre and garages.


  3. If it the same place there was a tennis club about half way along and a pub on the corner. At the other end was the No 3 bus terminus. Close to Elmwood where there used to be a youth club back in the late sixties. Some good dances there.


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