Nicholson Street and Leonard Street, Portrack

A photograph of Edith Place taken at the corner of Nicholson Street with houses in Leonard Street along the top c1948.

In reply to a comment made by Derek796 (18 November) – it’s one of my cousins and myself in the above photograph.

The photograph below, taken in the 50s is of my father-in-law standing on the common off Portrack Lane between the back of Barrett Street and Watson Street with a view of Barracloughs bakery shop in the background.

Photographs and details courtesy of Richard Scott.

16 thoughts on “Nicholson Street and Leonard Street, Portrack

  1. The little boy in photo with his cousin gave a lovely reading at her funeral today in Stockton Parish Church
    Rosie 1930 – 2022
    R.I P Rosie
    Ken Howells xxxx


  2. I was born in Leonard Street in 1952. Portrack was a great place to grow up. Most were poor to varying degrees but it was a proper community. Happy memories.


  3. St Annes Terrace is in the far background. I was born at number 17 and lived there until about 1957. Derek 796 may be Derek Casey, but there was another Derek in number 21.

    Derek796 might be interested in my picture of Watson Street, which is on Picture Stockton, although done completely from memory it is quite accurate


    • Hi Fred,
      The Derek 796 that you mentioned would be Derek Wade. He and his parents lived at No 1 St Annes Terrace. he and I both attended the school at the bottom of St Annes, known in those days as St Anne’s School. Now its called Tilery Primary.
      Between 1946 and 1960 I lived in Lambert Street. We then moved to No 1 St Anne’s Terrace when the Wades moved out. I left Portrack in 1963 on joining the Army and have lived away from Stockton ever since. Behind the children in the photo is a corner shop showing on the corner of Nicholson Street and Edith Place. Opposite the corner shop was a fish and chip shop, one of two, as I remember in Portrack. The other being on Portrack Lane near Barrocloughs the bakers.


  4. Hi Richard,
    Is the picture of relatives, if so are you aware that it comes up nicely with photoshop?
    I was born in St Anns in 1944 and would be very interested on any other of old Portrack; in particular St James & the Ironmasters. Stockton Pictures can pass my e mail should you wish to send anything using that route.
    Derek W


  5. Edith Place wasn’t a square. But maybe at one stage that was the intention. It was a long street running roughly parallel to Portrack Lane that simply cut through the Victorian workers terraces, to come out at Campbell Street. There was a joggle in the direction of Edith Place, so that is why, I presume one can see part of Leonard Street. Campbell Street houses were somewhat upmarket overlooking a grassy area and, in the background, working mens allotments. I believe the remnants of Campbell Street still remain.
    I can’t think why the boy and girl are dressed like that, although almost all the local churches and chapels would have festivities and days out.


    • Hi Fred ,
      We lived in 8 Edith Place – my family Dads (Welsh) side lived in Portrack for over a hundred years – proper community – our back bedroom overlooked the common with allotments to the left and The Clayhole (our playground) and Blacketts BrickWorks in front. Behind Blacketts open country leading to ICI. If those who arranged for demolition of Portrack had kept community together would have worked wonders for social cohesion instead scattered us to four winds.
      This mistake repeated nationwide.
      Ken Howells


      • Hi Ken when did you live at 8 Edith Place? I lived at 8 Edith Place until we moved to the Victoria estate in the town when I was about 9-10 which would be 1964-ish


    • As an ex Portrack lad Fred I am surprised at your comment about dress. In the 40/50s all the kids in Portrack were always smartly dressed 😂😂😂. You and I were classmates in St Ann’s Primary.


      • Hi Richard,
        From the reply you sent to Fred Starr, it’s possible that we might also have been classmates at St Annes Primary School. I went to that school from about 1949-1955.


          • Hi Richard,
            We seem to followed each other after St Annes as I also went to Tilery school. I left there in 1959. When I was living in Portrack I was known by middle name of Ronald, or Ronnie.


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