‘The Snow Queen’, Queen Victoria High School c1970

This photograph is dated June 1970 but there’s no indication of the photographer. It shows the Robber Band from a production of ‘The Snow Queen’, a children’s musical based on the Hans Christian Andersen story and using music by Grieg.

It was one of a series of end-of-year shows by the junior school put on by Miss Jones, the music teacher, with input from across the junior school – for example, I remember making flower hats for the flower garden scene by forming papier mache over balloons, then cutting the bottom up so ‘petals’ could be bent up. And we also made the robbers’ weapons – such as the knife being brandished by the girl on the left. The room is the same main hall at Queen Victoria High School as in the 1967 assembly picture but facing the other way.

Photograph and details courtesy of Roz Sherris.

2 thoughts on “‘The Snow Queen’, Queen Victoria High School c1970

  1. Gosh I remember Miss Jones.. she must have been music teacher for ever because after the first six years of Teesside High School she was still teaching music there by the time I left in the sixth form, so that is some fifteen years later. Wow.


  2. Aah… I remember Miss Jones, I left in 1969 but remember her very well… and the other teachers… and my class mates! Good Times. 😊


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