Class Photograph, Sheraton Comprehensive

The following is a photograph of another 4th year class – same year, 1974 and yet as I’m writing this I noticed it’s all boys – we changed to Sheraton Comprehensive from Hardwick Secondary Modern for boys 1973/74 term. On closer inspection some the the faces look familiar and also appear to be slightly younger versions of boys in my class photo. Which makes me think this must likely have been 3rd seniors c1972/73. Not sure of many names so leave that for others to name, if they can!

Photograph and details courtesy of Andrew Beevers.

3 thoughts on “Class Photograph, Sheraton Comprehensive

  1. back row 6th Farouk ? Middle row 9th Trevor Birtles? Front row 3rd Maurice Dixon? 5th Graham Fletcher? 6th John Walsh. Sorry about the ?s but not 100% when you reach a certain age.


  2. Back row 2nd right Colin Johnson 4th right Barry Piggott
    middle row 2nd left Horace Kirby 3rd Ron Brown 10th Alan Hogarth
    Front row 2nd right (the late) Graeme Wilson. These boys were in the year below myself and would have left in July 1975


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