The Pinnacle, Billingham Green

This shot taken along the south side of Billingham Green shows St Cuthbert’s Church in the background and the three storey building known as ‘The Pinnacle’ by many people, it was also known as ‘Robson’s Folly’, its proper name was ‘Tower House’.

The story is that John ‘Tatie’ Robson wanted to extend his cottage along West Row but was refused permission, his response was to build upwards, this building is the result. In its later years it was the office of a solicitor, it was demolished in 1963. The funny thing is that I was born and brought up in Billingham and must have passed this building numerous times but I never ever noticed it.

Image and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

5 thoughts on “The Pinnacle, Billingham Green

  1. My grandparents lived in the Pinnacle for a time before they moved to a new house in Queens Drive. My dad was born in the Pinnacle


  2. As a Robson that lived in Billingham from 1938 until I emigrated to Australia in 1965 I was unaware of ‘Robson’s Folly’ but I appreciate Bruce Coleman bringing Robson’s Folly to our attention.


  3. I remember it Bruce. I think the upper floors were flats. To the right (out of the picture) was the Church School. The row of houses to the left had a Sweet Shop also, just out of the picture. Brings back memories of my childhood.


  4. I remember as a cafe, We used to walk pass it on the way school & back. Story I heard about it matches yours in substance but no so much in detail


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