7 thoughts on “Market Day, Stockton

  1. I was born at 16, Collingwood Road in Haverton Hill… even went to Haverton Hill High School when Mr Beresford was the headmaster. I still think fondly of my old hometown.


  2. I can remember my distant relatives from Sunderland and Reading actually travelling to visit Stockton market in the 70s as it was so large and spectacular. Indeed it often was so busy that pedestrians had to walk on the road as the pavement was so busy. Sadly not any more, progress apparently according to some??


  3. The photo’s here of the market only serve to show the transformation of how it used to be in the 50’s early 60’s and an even more dramatic change for those remembering earlier than that…


    • Josie Wales – the photos taken by Terry Westwoood for me, really show how popular the market still is. They’re great – well done Terry. Yes, I know some have recently gone, particularly in the Castlegate Centre, but I hope they are re-sited. It affects jobs, not just shops and stalls.


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