Bishopton Lane, Stockton

These two images show the same building on Bishopton Lane at two different times, one of the shots was taken from the area of the Railway Station, the other from the High Street end. I am unable to tell which is the earlier of the two but am leaning toward the shot from the Railway Station.

The people are clothed in a similar fashion, there are gas lamps in both pictures and no sign of motor vehicles in either. It may be possible to date when the change of use came about in trade directories or other documents. If anybody can date it please send a comment.

Images courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

8 thoughts on “Bishopton Lane, Stockton

    • The name rings a bell, but I can’t remember where the shop was. There was a shop on the corner of Leeds Street opposite Rudges paper shop which I think sold wool, and another on the corner of Buchanan Street.


    • I remember Huggetts. Next to Charnocks bookmakers two doors to Warwick Lloyds fruit and veg shop. On the other side of Huggetts a photographers and at the end of the row the Co-op split into two shops. This was in the late fifties/early sixties.
      Above the Co-op was Miss Ridleys Typing/Secretarial class.


  1. The photo from the railway station area shows a building with a sign “Labour Exchange”, whilst in the other picture the same building is the “County Temperance Hotel”.

    1890 – Potter Falconer, County Temperance Hotel, 12 Westbourne ter
    1914 – Board of Trade Labour Exchange,12 & 13 Westbourne ter

    So looks like the photo from the High St end might be the oldest of the two.


    • Yes, I agree. I found a reference to the County Temperance Hotel in a 1902 directory, and labour exchanges didn’t come into existence until a 1909 act of Parliament.


    • Hello Jonathan,

      Many thanks for that information, I knew the Labour Exchange shot was later than 1910 when the first Exchanges were opened.

      I got my clue about the Hotel shot being later from the man in front of the Hotel, I thought his suit looked to be from a later period, probably the 1930s, the sort of stuff my Dad used to wear.

      You are obviously right with the dates, that is great.


  2. I walked that route to school from the Leeds hotel to Green Lane Street. BEDES SCHOOL, in the late forties, I do not remember the Temperance Hotel ?, There was a couple of small shops there. By that time all the metal railings had gone to the war effort, except the ones going along the incline. I also don’t remember bushes along the roadside railings. So suggesting both pictures prior 1940. Hope that helps.


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