Railway Society, Grangefield Grammar School

I had noticed some recent comments on Picture Stockton about Grangefield Grammar School, with one comment being made by Geoff Crossley. Both Geoff and I were in the Railway Society at the school.

The first photograph was taken at Carlisle in October 1959 with Geoff and James Lightfoot in front of a diesel loco (class 40 for the enthusiasts). The other photograph is of the Society Group at Mirfield in West Yorkshire with a steam loco behind (Jubilee to the enthusiasts) taken in December 1964. The only ones I can put names to are Andy Elliot at the front and Chris Wilson on the back row 2nd from left. Can anyone fill in some of the missing names?

Photographs and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

9 thoughts on “Railway Society, Grangefield Grammar School

  1. Gosh! This takes me back. I remember the trip to Mirfield and other sheds in the area. I remember standing on the long bridge overlooking the shed at Mirfield.
    I am in the centre of the back row, David Callender. To my right is Richard Hewitson and Clifford Plummer is on the bottom row, right hand corner of the photo. Top row second from the right surname Roberts, forgotten first name. A great memory!


  2. These boys would all be 4 years older by the time I got to Grangefield, so recognition is hard. I did wonder if the tall boy at the right of the back row might have been Penson. He was memorable for walking extremely fast down the corridors!


  3. Pic 2. Could be wrong, but it looks like Brian Ward and Steve Robinson either side of Chris Wilson. I was a member, and memorable trips were, the Birmingham trip with a hoard of members, where we were scattered across York station platforms as we tried to catch our connecting train after the incoming train was late, and then we had a satellite group with our 3 man in a Ford Pop Youth hosteling trip to Scotland in 66.


  4. I was never a train spotter/railway enthusiast in my youth, although several of my chums were, but I am now. Didn’t even know there was a Railway society! Amazed to see the second photo, definitely recognise a few. faces:- back Row from left – Mackin, Hewitson, Callendar, ?, Roberts, Macmillan
    Front row far right Cliffy Plummer.
    Missed opportunities!!
    Rob Mills


  5. Contemporaries from my time at Grangefield between ’62 & ’67; next to Chris Wilson on his right (D?) Mawson, in front of him Charlie Campbell, in front of Chris (?) Hopper and in the centre wearing duffel coat (A?) Matthews


  6. On Chris Wilson’s right is D? Mawson, in front of him Charlie Campbell, in front of Chris is Hopper and in centre with duffel coat is Matthews; contemporaries when I was there ’62 – ’67.


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