Advert for Isaac Robson & Co Ltd on Bridge Road

A 1934 advertisement/postcard showing the smart premises of Isaac Robson & Co Ltd, 24 & 26 Bridge Road (corner of Villiers Street.), Stockton. With Holy Trinity Spire in the background. The same site can be seen on ‘Bridge Road, Stockton c1970s’ . I wonder if the the business was still in the family in the 1970’s, as it is then called “Sankey Robsons”?

Image courtesy of Jonathan May.

5 thoughts on “Advert for Isaac Robson & Co Ltd on Bridge Road

  1. I walked past this shop often to reach Stockton High Street from Thornaby, I recall, in the shop window on the right they had an impressive ornamental nut and bolt display mounted on a huge board, it contained over 2000 nuts and bolts arranged in a circular pattern, this display always fascinated me, a work of art in nuts and bolts, I often wondered what became of it, a pal Terry Morgan, from 18 Barnard Street, Thornaby got his first job at Isaac Robsons 1958? so did Ray Costello, Some founders information: (* A man who was industrious and a Stockton pioneer)

    Isaac Robson. 1853-1925
    Isaac was born about 1853, the son of Andrew Robson and Mary ?, at Ford, Northumberland. He married Florence Gertrude Wookey in 1889. Florence Gertrude Wookey 1862-1946
    Florence was born about 1862, the daughter of William and Mary Wookey, at Bulman Village, Northumberland.I have identified the following children:
    Alice Maud M. Born abt 1891 Stockton on Tees Died 1893 Age 2
    William Hugh Born abt 1892 Stockton on Tees
    Kathleen Emily Born abt 1894 Stockton on Tees Married Alfred Harold Dickinson
    Henry George S. Born abt 1899 Stockton on Tees
    Florence Marjorie Born abt 1900 Stockton on Tees Married Douglas Errol Hay Thompson
    1891 Census RG12-4047 6 April 1891 Stockton on Tees, County Durham
    16 Westbourne Street Isaac Robson Florence G. (Wife) Alice Null Plus 2 Servants Age 37
    & Age 28. Iron Monger Born Ford Gosforth, Northumberland
    1901 Census 20 West End Terrace Stockton on Tees, County Durham
    1911 Census Leatholm, West End Terrace (9 Rooms) Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham
    * (Died) ISAAC ROBSON, Ironmonger, of Kirklands, Eaglescliffe, County Durham, died 31 May 1925, Probate granted to Florence Gertrude Robson, widow, Thomas Wilkinson, foundry merchant, and Harold Kirk, gentleman. Value of Estate & Effects £32,315 9s. 9d. 1925. (Bob W 18-02-22)


  2. A lovely photo of Isaac Robsons. Jonathon it was actually on the corner of Bridge Road and Wood Street with St Johns chuggy at the end. My father was transport manager for Isaac Robson in the 60s they had 3 thames traders 3 tonner a 5 tonner and a 7 tonner the registration no of the 7 tonner was 7514 up as a boy I used to help load them all sankeys took over in about 1970 71 they had white TK Bedfords then I have very clear memories of that Building and all the Drivers.
    They where a great bunch of guys Issac Robsons also had an iron yard and garage at the bottom of Parliment Street near Villiers Street fish shop they also had a warehouse in Whitehall terrace near Bickersteth Street where I lived in Number one they also had a nut and bolt warehouse in Wharf Street and I believe there was also a Robson Maternity home on Bowsfield Lane close to Stockton and Thornaby Hospital is that enough information for you please feel free to let me know.


  3. Isaac Robsons — Goodness I well remember hiring two inflatable Igloo tents from them for a holiday we had in Wales, apart from the constant rain and Wales used to be closed on a Sunday, the tents used to deflate over night, what joy and fun.


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