Castlegate – The Early Years

With the impending demolition of the Castlegate Centre, I thought the site visitors might be interested in these two photographs. I believe they were taken not long after it opened in 1972. Note the stepped pavement which was removed in later years.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alex Moody.

5 thoughts on “Castlegate – The Early Years

  1. I look at these photographs, thinking of how times does change in such little time, good or bad. I remember the old high street as kid, especially the pre castle gate side where the yards ran from Street to the Riverside and sadly too young enough to experience them taverns and inns going back some 100 years ago. I agree times do change, but hopefully things will improve in this crazy ever changing world.


  2. Stockton town center was just so alive back in the 70s, Great range of shops, some good pubs, 4 cinemas, 5 or 6 nightclubs, a Casino, the Dovecote arts center, Swallow hotel, YMCA, etc it only really needed some more eateries. It was either the Chippy, Wimpey bar or Pizzaland. It was a good time and place to be young. I was very saddened to see this once vibrant thriving place has become. I appreciate everything changes and time stands still for no one but I still have fond memories of how it was.


  3. Will Stockton ever recover from the Castlegate fiasco, not in my opinion, years of suffering this blight on the Town at last some one has seen the light and decided to rid the area of this monstrosity. When you look at some of the Towns in the area the way they have maintained the old World effect proves that the original thinking was totally flawed. Let us hope the replacement is done in a professional way by people who know what they are about.


  4. The picture of the stepped pavement brings back painful memories. In the early 70’s I had an injured shoulder and any movement resulted in a sharp pain. I was walking along this paved section and the level of the pavement reduced as it went along. Not being aware I stumbled and fell to the ground. This caused a sharp pain in my shoulder as I fell. A passerby asked if I’d hurt my shoulder and I’ll never forget her bemusement when I said no it’s my ankle.


  5. Personally I do not class this as the early years, the evidence of the vandalism is plain to see with the loss of character that the High Street had with the destruction of the shops and buildings from Finkle Street to Castlegate, the likes of Winpenny’s tailors, Wilsons, Vane Arms, a series of small unique independent shops and all the name of progress


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