4 thoughts on “Hartington Road, Stockton

  1. It was considered a class road in the War along with Richmond Road. I lived in Tarring Street next to St. Bernard’s Road, then Webster Street, then Lawson Street etc… The secretary of The Baptist Church lived there. One upstairs, west side, has a bay window. Yes, it became a well-known drug area, but I wish that someone had informed me that my friend Peter Faulkes had died, another funeral that house-bound PBB missed!

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  2. It is pretty definitive of how society has changed, especially locally. In Victorian / Edwardian times the middle classes used to love to inhabit prime town center districts just liker Hartington Road / Oxbridge Ave and Durham Road. The big family houses with cellars and rooms for a main were must haves back then.
    These days the middle classes have forsaken the town centers for outlying villages.


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