Annie Fawcett at the Brown Jug, Norton Road

The Brown Jug on Norton Road where my Aunt, Annie Fawcett began work as a barmaid for Joe Cartwright.

A photograph of Annie standing behind the bar where she worked for 35 years before retirement, “Miss Annie Fawcett reckons she has stretched out her left arm over a million times to pull pints for customers”. The other photograph is both Annie and Joe Cartwright, plus my other Aunt, Violet Wren and her husband Billy, who also worked there. Over the years, my Mother worked in the off-licence shop and my sister often did baby sitting (I’m not sure who had the pub at that time).

Photographs and details courtesy of Anne Jones.

7 thoughts on “Annie Fawcett at the Brown Jug, Norton Road

  1. I happened to be in the Brown Jug with a couple of Stockton Fireman mates and a conversation was overheard – ‘does anyone know the cost of lead?’ which one of the wags from the far end of the bar shouted usually about every 3 months. That’s around 1963


  2. Best family pub in the north east, some of the best folks you could ever wish to meet, my mam & dad lived in both Swainby Road & Danby Road, every one knew every one else, can’t think of a single time I was in the Brown Jug and never had a great time, humour from some of the lads from all those years ago still with me, my mates also all lived in Swainby & Danby Road. Just a few names, Denis Wilson, Coby Carbery, George Thomas (Danby Road) Brian Ransom, all the Alinsons, John & Micky & Alan, Alfie Littlefair, Andie Littlefair & Ernie Littlefair, many, many more great lads, I was richer for knowing them all, bless every one of them.
    The Brown Jug was a great pub.
    All the best.


    • Funny you should mention the Ransoms because I watched an old Panorama episode on YouTube this very morning from the 80s and the Ransom family were interviewed. Also nice to see our Cobby mentioned.
      Hope you are well Derek… Lee


      • Are you Lee Carbbery by any chance? Hockeys son. If yes your dad was a gentleman, we sat many hours listening to stories the lads would tell, your uncle Owen would have the best, sadly so many of the Swainby & Danby Road lads have passed away but by god did we laugh together. As for Annie I’m 100% she served me my first pint in the brown jug, I went in with my uncle Franky (Casey) Annie asked if I was 18, uncle Franky said he’s our Bob’s son, Annie knew everyone and knew my dad Robert (Bob Casey, I was 17 yrs old, never went in again until I was 18!) The Brown jug really was a great family pub and sadly those days are long gone but! I have great memories from those time’s.
        All the best.
        PS if you are hockey’s son! your mam Dot was a lovely, lovely lass.


        • That is right Derek. Aye, dad mentioned you many, many times over the years and always had a good word for you.
          Keep smiling Derek. All the best.


  3. My old friend Wayne Wrangham’s mum and dad took over the Brown Jug – probably early 1970s… I’m hazy about time though!


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