Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

First year class J1 from 1964 – 65 with teacher Miss Allen.

Second year class J2 from 1965 – 66 with teacher Mrs Marsh.

Third year class J3 from 1966 – 67 with teacher Mr Kaley.

Fourth year class J4 from 1967 – 68. Can anyone remember the teachers name? First year in Upsall Grove, Fairfield location after move from Yarm Lane.

Photographs and details courtesy of Nick Wright.

2 thoughts on “Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

  1. On reflection having had my memory jogged by the comment below I think the teacher in J4 was Mrs Britten. Unfortunately while I have my class reports for all the years I was there, unlike the first three, the final one is not signed by the class teacher. Interestingly the Year 2 report is signed by A T Marsh in the Michaelmass term but by the name V Fraser in the Lent and Whit terms. I have no recollection at all of having two different teachers in J2 that year.


  2. Only Miss Allen is still there from my time in 1961 – 3. J2 was Mrs Britten, J3 Mrs Tolson and J4 Mr Sawyer.


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