Glebe Farm, Billingham c1949

This photograph was set up by my dad, Beldon Bensley who helped out on the Dixon’s farm. Dad is 4th from left with mug, bottom row. I think Leslie Dixon would be 2nd from right on bottom row. The photograph was taken circa 1949, possibly down by Billingham Beck and St. Aidans Crescent as the houses can be seen in the background.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Bensley.

5 thoughts on “Glebe Farm, Billingham c1949

  1. I’m sure that Joseph Leslie o’conor is sitting there looking young , and fit. A wonderful man. I still have contact with his son, Bernard.


  2. Just a fantastic photo.
    I lived in Norton until 1949 and “sailed” my rubber dinghy in Billingham Beck when I was 9. I remember using the 99 steps to get to my Aunt’s house just past the Swan Hotel.


  3. If the date is correct the child on the right of the picture could be Leslie Dixons son Raymond as he would have been 3-4 years old in 1949. He attended the church school infants and secondary from 1950.


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