Stockton High Street Models

Before the Castlegate redevelopment, this historic part of the High Street included the Unicorn pub, Doggarts department store, Henderson’s (jewellers) and Thomas Hunt, and based on photographs I made this diorama, which includes buses of Stockton and Middlesbrough Corporations. These buildings were demolished in 1970.

Photographs and details courtesy of Andy Wood.

7 thoughts on “Stockton High Street Models

    • Middlesbrough buses of the 1950s had the ‘induction ventilation system’. The air intake of the engine was connected by a duct to the upstairs ceiling, which was perforated. Thus, the stale smoky air from the saloon was sucked away – into the engine. Some in the industry said that as a result of this, Middlesbrough had the only buses with bronchitis. Buses with this system could be identified by the thick pillar between the front upstairs windows, which housed the duct. A few other bus operators specified this system, but most didn’t. I suppose it was a primitive form of air conditioning. Sorry for the long technical story, but that explains it!


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