125 Fairfield Road, Stockton

This photograph was taken from the rear garden of 125 Fairfield Road, which gives an interesting view of Bishopton Court from c1950. The little boy in the model car is my uncle, Rob Thompson.

Photograph and details courtesy of Julian Rafferty.

7 thoughts on “125 Fairfield Road, Stockton

  1. My family lived in number 8 Bishopton Court. We moved when I was about 5 with my parents and my brother John. Some years later we moved to number 7 when the council started to put in central heating. Our neighbours were Mr Mrs Morton and daughters Nora and Barbara and Mr and Mrs Dawson and their daughter Caroline. We had a wonderful time on the grass in front of the houses. Making snow houses in the winter and football and cricket in the summer. Bonfire nights were always spectacular. Many memories.


  2. Were these houses originally council houses or for private sale on a mortgage ?
    I’m guessing built just post WW2.
    I pass them every time I visit my mam going to airport or Darlington station by taxi.
    Whatever inspired this Dutch style in suburban Stockton ?
    I remember one of the houses burning down while I was at school.
    I ask this as my parents bought a semi in Norton in 1964 (when I was 7) which was clearly Bauhaus inspired with curved windows and bays, lots of white, built before 1939 as its on wartime maps.


  3. When I was very young, 4 to 5 years old, I’m now nearly 72. We lived in # 82 Bishopton Court, before moving to Browns Bridge. Looking @ Google Earth, # 125 Fairfield Road backed onto our old house. Which appears to be the one on the right in the background of this photo. What a small world and a useful tool computer technology is. Happy memories of Bishy Court.


  4. Remember these houses in Fairfield. We used to call them the ‘mushrooms houses’ due to the shape of the roof.
    My father used to deliver milk to a number of these homes.


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