Stockton High Street

This photo shows how much Stockton High Street changes over a few years. Believed to be taken from Nolan House, the Castle Centre and Swallow Hotel are in prominent view. But looking across towards the river and are around Chandlers Wharf has not been developed. One thing I have noticed, how much smoke there appears to be.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alex Moody.

7 thoughts on “Stockton High Street

  1. For the last 25 years, Stockton high street has battled the nationwide problem of major retailers closing their doors forever. Ever-increasing wage bills, high property taxes, and energy costs, with the now highly noticeable shift to online shopping, are taking their toll. Well-known retailers are shutting branches, while others are set to disappear completely from the high street for instance, Marks and Spencer have confirmed the closure of dozens of stores across the country.

    The high street chain announced last year that it was closing 67 of its larger shops as part of a major shake-up. The shop closures announced include its store situated in Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough. Lloyds Pharmacy has announced over 260 stores and outlets are to close, Boots the Chemists are reducing their branches but not on the same scale as Lloyds. All things considered, I think we can safely say that. Stockton High Street in its present form will disappear and it will become a mix of parks, river walks, and open spaces with one hopes the River Tees become a major attraction, with new schools, churches, government buildings, and educational establishments playing a major role in keeping the new Stockton Town centre alive. Ideally, we need to build a Stockton University and aim for Stockton on Tees to become a major University town.


  2. Totally ruined it, I liked nothing more than roller skating around the High Street, in and out the bus queue barriers at the same time keeping an eye out for Sgt Elliot of the local constabulary.
    If only those that made the decisions had the foresight to appreciate that any modernisation would have a short shelf life, I rest my case. JW.


    • I agree entirely. 50 years is not long for a development which has been pulled down summarily. Longer term views were in short supply 50 years ago, as they now are. Some things never change and others change, frequently, for the worse.


    • Sgt Ellliot, my friends and myself always tried to steer clear of him, as he didn’t seem to like teenagers hanging around the High St. We got moved on many times.


  3. This view doesn’t line up with Nolan House, but does with Hume House. What is the tall chimney in the distance? Must be in the direction of Teesside industrial Estate?


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