Local DJ’s

Sad to hear of the recent passing of Stockton DJ Ian Young (Harry) pictured right. I first met him in the mid 1970’s when he was the resident DJ in the Electric Onion night club on Bridge Road, Stockton and bumped into him at many 21st Birthdays, Engagements, and Wedding parties over the years.

The other guy was also a local DJ Tony Wright (Capri) who worked in Bentley’s nightclub in the late 1970’s, Tony sadly passed away in 2019. RIP both.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Jordison.

7 thoughts on “Local DJ’s

  1. The Electric Onion, wow, that brings back some memories. Friday nights in the early 70s, motor bikes left at home, meet in the Fairfield pub, then a bus down into town to the Onion. Great times.


  2. Worked at radio north tees general (hospital radio) with Ian Young (Harry Underwood) for a while, I guested one night at the electric onion where I realised I was a radio DJ not a disco DJ.


  3. Great memories of the club scene in 70s Stockton, I was a frequent visitor to the Inn Cognito, Pharoahs, Electric Onion, 21 Club, Bentleys and the Fiesta in Norton. My misbegotten youth is probably why I’m so clapped out now :). So very sorry to read about these two iconic DJs passing, they brought light and pleasure to a dark, dour and drab industrial town.


  4. Two great lads Peter. The electric onion, great disco, remember having some great nights there. It eventually ended up Stakis casino and again had many nights to remember. Sad loss Harry.
    Tony and I had many a night reminissing the old days when he came over to Thailand. He even had some stories of me going to school. Miss him greatly. Thanks for posting Peter!


  5. Tony Capri RİP🌹
    Used to wear a medallion, split shirt and a carnation in his velvet jacket buttonhole and sing-along on his microphone (quite possibly switched off).
    Probably inspired Brutus Gold 🥇
    Great music, great atmosphere in Bentley’s.
    Happy Days


  6. I remember Ian, I was myself DJ at Pharoahs in Stockton, Club Marimba and the adjoined Rock side in Middlesbrough…happy days.


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