4 thoughts on “S. Lamplughs Hosiery Shop

  1. I remember those Oxbridge shops on the corner of Osborne Road with the schools on the other corner. I recall Lamplugh’s as a well used shop when I was young and being sent to get things for my mother.


    • I remember the Oxbridge shop. I grew up on Oxbridge Lane opposite the Cemetery and went to Oxbridge School in the late 60’s/70’s.
      My mam was a brilliant knitter, embroiderer and crochet work so we went in often. I can still remember the cabinet and drawers full of yarns and threads etc. And old Mrs Lamplugh serving us.
      Sad when it closed. I used to have to go to the Co op to get our milk tokens and remember collecting all the stamps and sticking them in the book!!


  2. I can remember the Lamplughs shop at Oxbridge. I used to go there for wool, cotton and material for our mam. It was on Oxbridge lane next door to the co-op butchers. Does anyone else remember these shops? The co-op had metal pots on a wire wich they put the money in and sent to the cash office. Our divi no was 1478, never forget that, I got it wrong once and finished up with a thick ear off our Mam. God bless her.


  3. My mother”s Aunt Lal and her husband Frank Lamplaugh ran this shop in the 1940″/1950″s.Aunt Lal was one of my mother”s favorite Aunts.Mam has fond memories of her childhood growing up in Stockton.


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