11 thoughts on “Bridge Road, Stockton. c1920s

  1. I have a photo that looks to be late 1800s or early 1900s photo says Thirwell & Co With 6 locations printed. They are from my wife’s family from Swansea, Wales. I would like to identify them. Man & woman seated with Young man in sailors uniform standing between.


  2. Does anyone know if the negatives and/or photographs taken by Thirlwell’s photographers still exist and are available for research?


  3. My great-grandfather Frederick Walton owned the butchers at top end of the High Street and also was the local funeral director. My great aunt always insisted he owned the first motor vehicle in Stockton although she remembered riding to market in Barnard Castle in horse an carriage around early 1920s . I think from the dates probably the same Fred Walton referred to here. He married the daughter of a horse dealer met in the course of business.


      • Hi
        My grandfather was a Frederick Walton born around 1915. I’m trying to trace relatives if possible. Thanks Carolyn


        • Hi Elizabeth and Caroline, Fred Walton jr was born 1911 and had the butchers shop, Sheila and I are descended from his brother Ronald. Fred Walton Senior (1876) had the horse taxi business where Fred jr also worked. They both likely became butchers after the 1st world war put the horse taxi firm out of business.


  4. I have a photograph of Sarah Thirlwell taken as a teenager by Thirlwells. Sarah was born in 1834 in Sunderland and could be a relative of the photographer. In 1851 Sarah was 17 and lining with her parents Thomas and Ann at 9 Victoria Street, Southwick, Sunderland.My husband has Thirlwell ancestors and I would like contact with others interested in this name.


  5. Robert Thirlwell who started the Thirlwell photography business was my great grandfather. The carriages shown would have been bringing wedding parties to have their photographs taken in the studio. My father can remember taking up to 32 weddings a day!


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