Stockton in Steam

When the Stockton and Darlington Railway first opened in 1825 there were no stations as such, only picking up and setting down points for the horse-drawn passengers.  These points were almost always outside public houses.The first termini in Stockton were at the Fleece Inn at the bottom of Castlegate, the yard behind the black Lion Inn and the Custom House Tavern at the end of Finkle Street.  All of these points were on the quay demolished to make way for the Castle Shopping Centre and Riverside road.  It is also thought that there was another stop at St. Johns Well on Bridge Road. 

3 thoughts on “Stockton in Steam

  1. This map is interesting, especially as it shows the various pick-up points used by the S&D, Bridge Road being the first to be established. As we have discussed previously Fred, there were at one time two stations side by side on the Norton Road site, one built by the Clarence (1833/35), and the other by the Stockton and Hartlepool Railway (1841/42). The latter had running powers over the Clarence from Billingham Junction.


  2. There was a proper station, apparently on North Shore Branch line, (which came off the Clarence Railway). The station was situated just on the eastern side of the Norton Road where the branch line crossed over the road.


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