2 thoughts on “Newtown Post Office c1920

  1. According to the 1901 Census my great grandfather George Johnson was running a shop at 1 Ropner Terrace which I am assuming is this one. I am not quite sure if this is now 28 Bishopton Road and a Chinese takeaway or which buildings formed Ropner Terrace (all my info coming from Google). Does the shop now adjacent run by A & A Johnson have any links? Can anyone enlighten me?


  2. Daily Tasks – Whilst awaiting my turn to start my apprenticeship at WT Seymour’s, Phoenix Sidings, Stockton, I was tea boy for a year and in many other areas I was their boy as well. One of my tasks was to take all the bulky mail to the post office, the post office in the picture above, which was until recently still a post office, I think that the frontage that now adorns the shop is one of a Chinese Takeaway. One day whilst at the post office, “send it registered” the lady behind the counter said, me feeling rather important, and not knowing what she was talking about said “yes”. Back at work and feeling rather smug, was called in to the office, where the air was blue, “registered, registered, do you realize how much that parcel cost”, etc, etc, and out came the squeaky voice, “sorry”, from that day I was known as Reg. My mam worked at this post office when she first left school, her being Pat Howells of Eubank Street. Roy.


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