1 thought on “Stockton Camera Club – Images of the Tees

  1. The Tees-Side Developement Corporation, set in place after a certain lady’s ‘Walk in the Wilderness’ in the late 1980s produced a colour booklet on its aims. A river-side walk in Stockton, with a section of rail, on which a replica of Locomotoin No 1 was to run from Silver street to Victoria Bridge, passing the ex coal barque, now’H M Endeavour’ carrying passengers in coaches of that period. Cafe and replica 1800 station, book-shops which with Stocktons place in railway history would have been a massive source of income and employment.
    With the Barrage part of its remit, the TDC was to run luxury pleasure trips to Yarm. This part is recognised today, with the brilliant TEESSIDE PRINCESS (a must for all visitors). Regarding the heading picture, the TDC booklet showed a series of tree bush and flower lined canels alongside the housing development, with both sail and motor-boats plying the canals and River Tees. One thing which annoys is during the life of TDC local Councils constsntly sniped at the cost ‘A White Elephant’ – “We could do better with the money” etc. Now local ouncils talk of this Brilliant ‘Back to the River’ innovation. International canoe and water-sport centres, its World wide festival and educational facilties. Would this have happened without the T D C imput?


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