Hardwick Primary School 1962/63

This is a class photograph from Hardwick Primary School 1962/63.

Front row: ??, ??, Sandra Lee, Vanessa Newton, ??, Heather Cook, ??, Joan Davidson, ??, Irene Trotter, Angela Kirton (?).

Middle row: ??, ?? Peter West, ??, ??, Lesley Ann Buxton, Yvonne Bailey (?), Julie Pollock, ??, Keith Rogers, ??, Tony Harris.

Back Row, Terence Westwood, Steven Raw, Gordon Frost, Dennis Turnbull, ??, David Nattress.

Can you provide any of the missing names?

Photograph and details courtesy of Julie Allinson (nee Pollock).

11 thoughts on “Hardwick Primary School 1962/63

  1. Does anyone remember Michael and Carol Lenham at Hardwick Primary School in the 1960s?

    They lived at 4 Wolsingham Close, does anyone remember them.there?


  2. Julie Allinson…Did you marry a David Allinson? Did you both work and meet at Weathergay Raincoat Factory on New Bridge Street, Manchester? I was the shorthand typist in the office, Kathleen Phelan now Beckett.


  3. Hard to tell about Glen, but he did live in the same close as me, over the road. I remember Keith Rogers, his Dad was a caretaker for the school. David Nattrass, I remember a lad called Paul Nattrass.


  4. Yes its the same Peter West that lived in Wolsingham close. Peters dad Charlie and my dad Vincent (Teenie) knew each other for most of their lives, working together as steel erectors way back when.
    I have a leaving photograph from Hardwick Sec taken in 1974 that includes Peter’s sister Janice, I will submit it to the site shortly. Peter now lives in the Wirral and Janice in Portsmouth


  5. Hi M Spires, not sure that it would be Glen as I am pretty sure he was younger than us. I remember Glen from St James Church which we both went to.


  6. Top Left Mrs Greenwell, Terry Westwood, Steven Raw, Gordon Frost, Dennis Turnbull, ?, David Nattress Middle Row ?, ?, Peter West,Paul Jenkins, Lesley Anne Buxton, ?, Julie Pollock, ?, Kieth Rogers, ?, Tony Harris, Bottom Row ?, ?, Sandra Lee, Vanessa Riley, ?, Heather Cook, ?, Joan Davidson, ?, ?, Irene Trotter, Angela Kirton.


  7. Is this the Peter West that lived next door to my family in Wolsingham Close? If so there is a possibility my brother Michael Lenham is in this photo.


  8. Yep that is me next to Terry Westwood on the back row. Met up with Paul (Jinksy) in 1972 in the Army.

    I remember Irene Trotter as a really good singer


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