13 thoughts on “Gallons Ltd Grocers c1922

  1. I lived in St Leonard Street and often used to go to Gallons for groceries for my auntie in the 1960’s. You could ask for slices of meat cut to a certain thickness – you just had to say what number you required and the assistant would cut it for you. Near to Christmas you could ask for the hoops from barrels and we would wrap crepe paper all around them and hang them up as a Christmas decoration. I still get quite nostalgic when I drive down Mandale Road and George Street remembering the varied shops you could visit. You didn’t have to go to Stockton then but it was always nice to go on a Saturday and stroll around the huge variety of stalls. Happy days.

    PS. Does anyone remember a shop called Midorca House on Norton Road – past Maxwell’s Corner?


  2. My auntie Ann Jarrold from Wistow who lived with my mother in Leeds worked there, she has just past away at the age of 94 she told me about her time there.


  3. I have now found the addresses of Albert”s shop. The Thornaby branch was at 4 Swarthmore Terrace, which I think was off Mandale Road. The shop in Bowesfield Lane was at either 32 or 25, depending on which Ward”s Directory you consult. Mary Ellis was my mother. Newtown was her first teaching post and at one time she had her sister ( Edith Margaret, known as Peggy ) in her class. She later became Mary Atkinson.


  4. Mr.& Mrs. Ellis and their two daughters, Mary and Margaret, one of whom was a teacher at Newtown infants school, lived in Craigweil Crescent, exactly opposite to us. He was an inspector for Gallons at this time, 1930s.


  5. My grandfather Albert Ellis worked for Gallons and was in various shops around Teesside. My Mum talked of one shop they lived above in Bowesfield Lane and another in Thornaby. Later he was an Inspector for Gallons. I would be glad to hear from anyone who might have memories of him, as I am currently researching the family.


  6. My father told me he used to stand in the queue for parish assistance which was given in the form of groceries from Gallon”s shop. Being on the parish or on the dole was referred to as being on “The Pancrack” because a large part of your groceries was made up of eggs.


  7. My father lived in 9 Donald street off Oxford street and probably went to Tilery school, I know he worked at Gallons on the corner of Tilery road & Norton road as the photograph shows in 1922 when he was 14 years old, quite a lot of staff for a small shop but by the look of it it must have been busy.


    • It may have been a small store but Gallons at its peak had over 200 storesow. Does anyone know when and why they closed down ?


      • The first grocers shop was owned by William Gallon on Vicar Lane in Leeds in 1851. Frederick Gallon took over and the company ceased to trade after his death. His son Richard Gallon was living in Jersey. Why the business closed down is a question that I need to find the answer to since this is part of my family history. Richard was my Grandfather. Many thanks for the photograph.


      • I see that the gentleman related to the Gallon’s the Grocers family is called “Brough’ and recall that as a child, that there was a similar chain of grocery stores around local towns that also bore that name. There used to be a very large branch on Yarm Lane which had a self-service restaurant above. This I believe closed in the late 1970’s. Is there any tie-up?


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