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  1. I only discovered my grandfathers 1st world war record last year, up until that point I knew nothing at all about him. I now know of 2 people who served in the K.O.S.B 1914-18, one person Patrick Sullivan had photo taken with my grandad in their uniforms, still waiting to hear if photo still survives, hope it does as we never got to see our grandad. I now know Thomas Bowes served in the same regiment and was discharged same time as my grandad Robert Casey, wonder how many other men from Stockton and surounding area served with the K.O.S.B 1914-18? Perhaps another photo exists out there with my grandad on. Grandad joined K.O.S.B 1912 3rd battalion, being sent to join the 1st battalion 12th September, he fell badly wounded in left leg with bullet and shrapnel. He spent a long time in French hospital enduring opperations and much probing wounds and was then moved to English hospital for further operations and much probing again until grandad said enough! He was discharged 1918. If any one can relate to this will they please ask the Picture Stockton team for my e-mail address.


  2. Like your Grandfather Derek, mine also was in The Kings Own Scottish Borderers during the First World War. His name was Thomas Bowes and lived in Danby Road. Granddad Tom joined the regiment before the war began and served right until he was wounded in 1918 and was sent home to recover from his wounds and subsequently discharged. Whilst he was recovering in hospital in Buxton he met his future wife Dinah (Daisy) Colclough, who he married in September 1918. Derek, you could try the Regiments Museum in Berwick upon Tweed for information.


  3. The other Oxbridge Lane lad to join The East Riding Yeomanry was Mr Freddie Moiser who was my Dads school and lifelong friend. His relation Joyce Chesney worked for Stockton Library until comparatively recently. Unfortunately we have lost touch with her. Fred Moiser as I have previously stated was Chief Signals Inspector LNER North Eastern Region which covered Stockton and Thornaby across to Whitby and the beautiful coast railway. He also bred the best strain of talking budgerigars which I ever heard. Our two families had one each, blue and white, and green and yellow. Ours was the green one which was called Sunny Kidd who recited his full name and address in a Teeside accent.
    Mum and Dads was called Freddie Kidd after Fred Moiser he recited “Little boy blue” all the way through. I wish we still had them or could get one today from the same strain.


  4. My Fathers Regiment was the East Riding Yeomanry. This was a Cavalry Regiment based at Hull Anlaby Road, and Strensal York. After training in horsemanship at the Knavesmire York they served in Eygpt until 1918. The collar badges are the Flying Fox the Motto is “Forrard” I still have both of these. Joe also served again in 1939-42 in the Artillery. HAA stationed at Grangetown Sunderland. He passed away on 28th June 1978.


  5. Wondering what regiment this chap belongs to, none of my grandads grandchildren ever met him. He died in 1939 from old wounds recieved on the 1st day of the battle of the Somme. He joined the K.O.S.B 1912, he was given an honourable discharge 1918, his medals indicate he was one of the Old Contemtables. Grandad Casey was born at Housewife Lane, he married gran Beatrice Warhurst Kirk 1917 at St Marys church Stockton and lived at Snowdons yard before moving to Swainby Rd. I’m trying a very very long shot in asking if any other person out there had a grandfather serving with the K.O.S.B same time from Stockton who may have group photo or perhaps with their soldier mates. No photos of grandad Casey exist that I know of and this is the only chance I may get to see what he looked like. Grandad was
    Robert Casey. 6371 K.O.S.B. The Picture Stockton team have my e-mail address if you can help.


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