9 thoughts on “A.Ward Thompson 1997

  1. As a Young boy this was always a magnet for me in town as I was fishing mad!
    Eventually through countless visits was befriended by the owner Alec Thompson who introduced me to small bore target shooting and over the next few years give me a lift to Darlington Rifle club each week to practice. A hobby that is still with me to this day (at 76!). Thank you Alec!!


  2. I do remember Georges Carpet Shop. Thought it was opposite Asda in West Row. Could be wrong. I do remember once buying a carpet there and George served me. He gave my son who was then a baby a half crown from out of his pocket. He did a lot of work for the Pensioners. The last I knew of this firm was him buying and using the old Co-op opposite Richard Hind School.


  3. Apologies I forgot to include my name regarding the question about Georges. The shop ground floor sold clothes and upstairs was their carpets and beds. Rod was the nephew of George the owner and had a subsidary business called Shop Deliveries.


    • Georges Carpet Shop was in Prince Regent Street i worked there for a while when i was 15 it closed, changed to Job lot then Caterfreeze


  4. For 6 months I worked for Georges in what I thought was Prince Regent Street before joining the Army in 1972. I worked for a chap called Rod delivering their carpets and beds. I have not seen any mention of this shop and wondered if anyone else has memories they could share?


  5. You are correct Marie and if it were still there would still be on Albert Road. The roads still are Prince Regent Street, Nelson Terrace, Albert Road, John Street and Allison Street which brings you up to the new roundabout on Norton Road.


  6. Yes, I remember as a young lad going in the shop regularly to get a new supply of air gun pellets and I don’t think they were too bothered about how old you were back in the sixties. I also seem to remember shotguns being on prominent display for you to marvel at inside the shop, dont think it would be allowed these days.


  7. What a lovely shop window that was at Ward Thompsons for a schoolboy like myself who has always liked country pursuits. Used to get tackle for fishing, then pellets for air rifles. A pint of maggots for fishing. Still doing the fishing but dont wish to shoot anything but rats these days. Window had guns on show, I dont think they would be in the window long these days, which is a real shame.


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